HOW TO PREPARE your storytelling shoot
Voorbereidingsgids storytelling shoot

How to prepare your storytelling shoot

  • Pay the deposit on time to reserve your spot.
  • Make sure your child is wearing the agreed-upon outfit.
  • Remove bracelets, watches, colored nails, fake tattoos, and the like before the shoot.
  • Bring a hairbrush for the child and a good amount of the tastiest dog treats and/or your dog’s favorite toy.
  • Try to ensure that the dog’s eyes are always clearly visible; if necessary, make an appointment with the grooming salon.
  • It’s best not to let the dog loose upon arrival to keep them neat for the photoshoot.
  • Preferably limit your presence to a maximum of one additional helper. The more people, the more distractions and the more difficult it is to achieve a good result.
  • Avoid heavy activities with your child and pet just before the shoot; a photoshoot is a challenge in itself!
  • Bring poop bags and let the dog have a short walk beforehand.

Good to know

  • Proper styling is very important; avoid clothing with busy prints, text and also avoid white or black.
  • You are welcome to send some photos in advance of the clothing you find suitable so that I can see beforehand if it fits the concept.
  • As a parent, you know your child best; try to keep the child motivated to cooperate well. However, avoid constantly giving your child instructions on what to do or not. Spontaneous photos are the most beautiful, so we try to give the child as much freedom as possible in their world.
  • A shoot typically lasts about 45 minutes, but this is just a guideline; it depends on the age and cooperation of the child and the dog. We take the time necessary to achieve a good result.
Voorbereidingsgids storytelling shoot
Voorbereidingsgids storytelling shoot

After the shoot

  • After the shoot, you can pay the remaining amount in cash or via Payconiq.
  • Then, you deserve some rest, and I will start working on selecting the photos.
  • All successful photos will be placed in a gallery where you can give hearts to your favorite photos using a simple “like” system.
  • The photos you have selected will be carefully edited after you submit your choices.
  • Unedited photos are never delivered.
  • You will receive the selected files in high resolution without logos for making high-quality prints and in low resolution for social media.
  • Photos are for personal use only and may not be used for commercial purposes.
  • Has your child exceeded expectations, and would you like more photos than the number included in the price? You can easily select additional photos you would like to order, and payment for these will be made afterwards via bank transfer.
  • If there is anything that is not entirely clear, do not hesitate to contact me!

I look forward to meet you and having a great collaboration!

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